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About GBO/InsurIQ

GBO/InsurIQ is an information technology and business intelligence company focused on improving efficiencies in the insurance, healthcare, and employee benefits markets. Insur I.Q. has developed and deployed a software platform that currently includes four web-based, integrated products;The Digital Insurance Store, QWIKCoverage, EnrollIQ, and DoctorNavigator®.

The GBO/InsurIQ platform educates, empowers and encourages individuals to make informed decisions about their healthcare benefits and insurance purchases. This enables them to lower out of pocket expenses and better manage the cost impact to their personal healthcare expense and ultimately to their health plan sponsor’s total claim costs. Unlike anything available today, GBO/InsurIQ’s platform remains accessible to the individual following changes in employment, insurance plans, or other life events. This platform also makes available an integrated transaction engine to process all of the information required to manage the financial requirements associated with supporting the individuals’ choice of coverage.

Insur I.Q.’s goal is to harness the power of the Internet to transform the way insurance products are sold and managed with an initial focus in the healthcare, and employee benefits marketplace. The Insur I.Q. platform is flexible and scalable and designed to grow with an organization.

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