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Multiple products from multiple carriers in one digital store.

The insurStoreTM delivers a comprehensive platform for personal insurance products. The experience is built so consumers can browse, research and purchase multiple products from multiple carriers across multiple lines through a simple and intuitive single check-out, billing, servicing and portfolio management process. The insurStore is engineered to allow distributors to private-label a comprehensive suite of insurance products for deployment to their customer base in a customized insurance 'store' that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Click here to view insurStore Demo.

For Carriers:

  • Access to new distributors and more customers.
  • Engage customers where they shop: On-line.
  • Low cost/low service supplemental distribution channel.

For Distributors:

  • Broaden your portfolio with consumer focused products.
  • A 24/7/365 virtual agent representing your brand.
  • A digital buying experience that is safe, familiar and intuitive.

For Consumers:

  • One stop shopping for a variety of insurance and personal protection products.
  • An intuitive no-pressure purchase experience.
  • Immediate and ongoing access to plan documents, membership cards and plan information.
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