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QWIK Coverage

Complete Back Office Transaction Processing & Support

QWIKCoverage is a transaction engine available to insurance companies, plan administrators and self-administered employer groups. QWIKCoverage is a complete solution for underwriting premium, commission accounting and reporting.

QWIKCoverage calculates and processes all financial aspects of each insurance transaction including: binding, G/L integration, payments to insurance companies, financial and management reporting. The QWIKCoverage product can be integrated with Enroll I.Q. for a complete sales, enrollment and back office transaction processing solution.

Features include:

  • Invoice and premium collection
  • Track commissions
  • Financial system integration
  • Automated renewals notification
  • Provide business intelligence reporting

QWIKCoverage Work Flow

Fully integrated from Acquisition to Underwriting, and Claims to Reporting.

QWIK Coverage Workflow
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