Staff Augmentation

InsurIQ extended team services are a proven, reliable, and cost-effective way for our clients to increase the size and productivity of their internal development teams with minimal time. Our dedicated resources are the best option to rapidly build up a conveniently located, highly qualified, creative, and experienced team composed of the Top Professionals who integrate with your current workflow.

Today, companies all over the world use staff augmentation to reach their goals faster and more cost-efficiently.

Thanks to staffing augmentation, any organization can bypass every speed bump related to sourcing, recruiting, and maintaining talented professionals. Having the right-sized team is critical to any successful project and, as they enter new phases of maturity, sometimes it’s necessary to add new members who are just right for the job. Our staffing services provide the speed, professional acumen and flexibility your team needs to scale quickly and complete development on time.

Your extended team works as part of your local team, attending your regular daily meetings and reporting directly to your managers, proving to be a real competitive advantage for your business.

Our staffing services are available for every type of project. No matter how simple or complex, big or small; from prototyping to full-scale development of desktop, mobile or web applications, testing, systems management, specialized skilled resources in insurance accounting, underwriting assistance, data entry operators, and customer support.

Top Pros and Cons of Staff Augmentation

While staffing augmentation provides many benefits, it also has a few cons.


  • Talent: Quickly integrate outstanding resources that increase your team’s capacity and add value to your project.
  • Easy hiring: Easily find and hire the specific skill sets needed for each of your projects. No need to worry about talent retention or disengagement.
  • Instant know-how: Smooth out any project road bumps and minimize downtime with the expertise of an extended team.
  • Flexibility: Increase or decrease the size of your development workforce as needed with on-demand talent.


  • Possible ramp-ups: Projects that require a high level of knowledge in company culture and context may create ramp-up times.
  • Reliance on internal processes: Internal processes may have some negative effects to outsourced staffing solutions.
  • Workflow matching: Not all companies are used to working with extended teams. Adapting to their rhythm may take some time.

Dedicated Teams

An expert autonomous team, typically composed of a PM, SW engineers, QA engineers, and other roles, that can rapidly and efficiently deliver end-to-end technology solutions and value.

Management is conducted jointly by an InsurIQ Scrum Master/Engineering Manager and the client’s product owner. Everyone interacts as often as needed to provide optimal results at delivery time.

For more information on our dedicated teams approach, visit our Dedicated Technology Team page.

Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation provides hourly and/or part-time resources to support your in-house team as needed. This avoids lengthy sourcing and recruiting processes and facilitates hiring highly demanded roles that may be needed on a limited basis. This can be a good option for quick one-off projects and to sample InsurIQ technical strength.

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